No point arguing with your ancestors -whichever way you look at it, food is life and life is food.

This season, we’ve got three ways to spoil you and awaken your taste buds. Whether you’re up for $1,000 to flex your drink mixing skills, ₦1 Million for producing the “Jollof of Life” or maybe you simply want to experience the ultimate Food & Drink Festival in Africa, the choice is yours.

Go ahead and pick your Poison.


Ever had your friends and fam drool over your jollof?
Onions, peas, pineapple- whatever your magic recipe is, enter this contest for a chance to win the N1M prize and be crowned #JollofMaster2019


You think you’re the baddest mixer ever liveth?
Show us those mixing skills, using your killer recipe and you just might take home the $1000 prize and the title of #DrinkWarrior2019

#EatDrinkFestival 2019

Nigeria's leading celebration of food and drink sees thousands of food lovers come together to eat and drink from an extensive selection served up by some of the best chefs, restaurants and street food vendors in Lagos. Now in its fifth year, we're taking EatDrink Fest to greater heights.

In addition to bites and sips from a dynamic selection of Lagos' up and coming vendors, you'll find pop ups from celebrity chefs, aspiring chefs, and hobbyist cooks. Come have fun while hanging with food and folks.

And oh, the networking and picture ops are totally off the charts!

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